How to clean children’s urine from a mattress

Most families are raising children can’t avoid kid’s urine on the bed and it is so difficult to remove completely the bad smells if you don’t know the ways to remove it.


You can just wash normally if your baby’s urine is on blankets, bed sheets and pillows but it is so difficult if they urinated on the mattress, but do not worry. There is an easy treatment available for this type of incident. You just need to follow the instruction steps by

1. Preparation:

- Baking soda powder
- Vacuum cleaner
- Vinegar
- Aerosol sprays


2. Steps:

  • Step 1: Use cotton towels to soak up water on the mattress.
  • Step 2: Pour baking soda powder on the wet part of mattress. The baking soda powder will suck all the dirty water from mattress.
  • Step 3: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the dirt powder.
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  • Step 4: Pour vinegar in an aerosol spray then spray vinegar on the dirty area to remove smells and odors. Then let the mattress dry by air or under the sun, or use a hair dryer for it to dry quickly.

3. Some notes when you cleaning your mattress:

  • You should do this application 2 to 3 times to remove completely the smells and stains on the mattress.
  • Cleaning right away after you discover your child urinated on bed to avoiding urine sinking deep in the mattress which will make it hard to remove it. Shortly after the child urinates use absorbent towels right into the urine stain and press down on the urine to soak it up to prevent urine from going deep into the mattress.
  • If urine has set in there for a while, you could add a little water mixed with the aroma of clean water then dip into stain area to wet it. After that you could just take the steps above to clean and remove odors on mattress.
  • You probably handle right away by pouring rubbing alcohol into the stain and turn on the fan to blow away smells, and then take the steps above.
  • Never use an iron to dry out wet parts on the mattress because it may burn your mattress and can’t take away smells.
  • You can mix a little bit of baking soda with water then apply it on your mattress multiple times to remove smells and stains. Then dry it out as above, you can spray some perfume or talcum powder for unpleasant odors on the mattress.

How to choose led flood lights 2014

RLEDF10WPIR-24Also known as security lights, led flood lights are used by homeowners to give a more practical option of incorporating brighter exterior lighting without necessarily installing costly fixtures and countless bulbs. They boast of a significantly longer lamp life and high reliability when compared to tungsten and incandescent lights. Floodlights are generally useful outdoors where they can be mounted onto the side-walls of a building, on poles or even at ground level. They should adhere to two basic architectural needs; maintaining a high aesthetic value and performing well in terms of illuminating a large area That said, homeowners should understand that there are several types of led floodlights and they all differ in efficiency and functionality. To ensure that you get the most secure and efficient lighting, therefore, you need a comprehensive guide on how to choose led flood lights 2014. Here is the insight:

Consider dusk to dawn lights

With various options available when it comes to the installation of led flood lights, dusk to dawn lights are the best if your primary aim is to secure the area in question. They are designed to turn on immediately the sun begins to set, and will light the home all along until the sun rises again in the morning. However, they are somehow intrusive, which requires you to consult neighbors to ascertain whether they will be comfortable or not. ...continue reading